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The Mission.

To place healthy puppies in loving furrever homes.

To facilitate successful adoptions.

To be there in difficult times of rehoming.

Why Choose Us

There are of course minor variations in the dogs.  You may want a darker colored animal or larger or smaller or whatever is important to you in which case you need to find the breeder whose animals fit what you want. 


But if your primary concern is simply the gender of your pup and you find all sizes and color varieties of the nitwit equally appealing  I believe your best bet is to go with the breeder closest to you. 


I definitely follow the breeding for quality guidelines set forth by NISA, and at least for now, I'm the only game in town east of the Mississippi. 

Inuit dog lying in bed
Inuit dog in a grass yard


Checkout Northern Inuit Society of America to learn more about these fabulous beasts (affectionately called Nitwits)

Determine if Northern Inuits Are Right For You

Checkout Mountain Myst Northern Inuits for entertaining and worthwhile information.

Start The Adoption Process

Once you're convinced that no other breed will do and you just gotta have a nitwit puppy, the adoption process begins!

Inuit dog sitting on couch with other dog

The Adoption Process.

To start the process, go to our Reserve A Puppy page. There will be forms to fill out and deposits to be made.

Part of the deposit is spent on a background check to verify that you have no record of legal issues related to animal cruelty or neglect. Once everything checks out, you will be put on a waitlist and kept posted as events unfold.

There are a limited number of breeders in the US and Canada. Nearly, if not all, of those are west of the Mississippi. Travel time and cost for picking up a puppy can be significant for those who don't live out west. A breeder in Virginia could be greatly more convenient.

Important: I will not ship puppies, so you will have to pick up yours in person. If driving is absolutely out of the question, the nearest large airport from here is Dulles.

Inuit dog under a red blanket

Meet Pearl

Pearl is precious! Family more than pet. I must admit I failed to socialize her adequately when she was a pup so she went through a spell of nipping at people she didn't know and she was terrified of traffic, automatic doors, crowds. Things have changed as she spends more time with different people now. She likes people and other dogs, she's a favorite guest at my 10 year old neighbor's sleep over parties, people like her. So, please, when you get a pup take them everywhere you can as often as you can, enroll them in puppy training class and use a well fitted harness at least until you see how vigorously your dog responds to the unfamiliar.

Reserve a Puppy

Ready to reserve a nitwit puppy?

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