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I am a new breeder of Northern Inuits registered with the Northern Inuit Society of America and located in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains, hoping to have a first litter around January,  2021.


It is my goal to place healthy puppies in loving furrever homes with people who want a dog to share their time and their lives.  In order to facilitate successful adoptions, it is best to breed only when a reasonable number of pups are presold and a wait list established in the event that a litter may be a bit larger than expected.


In the unfortunate event that any of my pups should ever need to be rehomed I am prepared to take the animal back until a permanent acceptable home can be found.

Commitment to Quality.

All registered breeders of Northern Inuits are committed to maintaining the health of the population of our breed.  No dog is bred until it is at least two years old and has successfully passed veterinary exams for hip and elbow joint health, and eye health. 


Bitches could physically bear two litters per year but we will produce only a single litter from one female each year in order to keep her in top physical condition before a new litter is planned. 


Of course genetic selection of dam and sire is carefully planned to minimize risk of genetically transmissible health issues as well as to maintain the breed standards of appearance and behavior that we find so appealing.

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