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Pearl is precious!  Family more than pet.  I must admit I failed to socialize her adequately when she was a pup so she went through a spell of nipping at people she didn't know and she was terrified of traffic, automatic doors, crowds.  Things have changed as she spends more time with different people now.  She likes people and other dogs, she's a favorite guest at my 10 year old neighbor's sleep over parties, people like her.  So please when you get a pup take them everywhere you can as often as you can, enroll them in puppy training class and use a well fitted  harness at least until you see how vigorously your dog responds to the unfamiliar.

It is important that your dog sees you as pack leader.  If you need a little help with that I really like Doggy Dan the out of New Zealand.  He has a wonderful dog friendly approach to training in general and a very specific formula to let your dog know who leads!


She tried out to play the Big Bad Wolf in a school play....don't know how they failed to cast her...trying to take after her great great grandmother who played Lady in GoT - Sansa's direwolf.  There is celebrity in the blood line!  Her name is Mountain Myst Night Rain, born 11/14/17 and pics of her parents can be seen at the Mountain Myst website, they are Nero and Feather.


Nitwits come in long or short hair versions and Pearl is of the short haired persuasion. She sheds her undercoat only seasonally while I suspect the long haired puppers shed continuously and vigorously.

She is a very quiet dog but has a BIG BIG bark that I've heard maybe 4, 5 times in her whole life. She normally makes a quiet sound like a mixed howl and growl as if she is rolling her R's while howling. Sounds like a dove's trilling.

She's a digger, loves to dig up anything I plant so I just fence her out from plantings. A dog friendly, dog safe environment is vastly preferable to constantly correcting your beast.

She is a hunter, though not a wise one. If she could figure out she needs to sneak up close then pounce I daresay there would be no groundhogs left in the county. Her pounce is very reminiscent of a fox attacking small prey through a snow pack.....high jump and come down hard! When pasture grass is over her head her run resembles a springbok, you see just grass then a moment of flying dog, just grass then flying dog over and over until she tires. She is a graceful animal who is definitely happiest when she is good and tired from vigorous play.  Her bff is a black and white border collie nearby.  They run and rassle 'till they drop!

Pearl with PVC collar

​Pearl's pvc collar in the pic....she learned my old aluminum fence pickets were flexible enough she could squeeze out anytime she wanted which I could not allow, thus the unusual doggy fashion.

She is not much on swimming but she loves to race through the belly deep shallow water where the pond flooded up into the woods a bit.

So I guess it's pretty clear how fond I am of this dog and I am hoping very much to find folks to adopt her pups who will love them for all their dog lives and treat them like family.

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